CFA Program Enrollment Requirements?

An individual must have a bachelor's (or equivalent) degree in any field; or

·         be in the final year of his/her bachelor's degree program at the time of CFA Level-I registration; or
·         have four years of professional work experience; or 
·         have a combination of full-time professional work and college experience that totals at least four years at the time of registration;
·         Any recognized professional qualification like CPA, ACCA, CA or CIMA; and
·         have a valid international travel passport

Note:An individual in the final year of his bachelors or any professional qualification can appear for CFA Level-I, however for CFA Level-II above requirements must be met. 

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CFA Charter Requirements?

Complete the CFA Program (all 3 levels)
·         Pledge to adhere to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
·         Have four years of qualified investment work experience
·         Become a regular member of CFA Institute and apply for membership to a local CFA member society.

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What are the Career Opportunities for CFA Candidates/Members/Charterholders?

ü  Accountant/Auditor  ü  Chief-Level Executive  ü  Consultant     
ü  Corporate Financial Analyst ü  Financial Advisor   ü  Investment Banking  Analyst
ü  Fund Managers   ü  Asset Management ü  Wealth Management
ü  Relationship Manager   ü  Research Analyst ü  Risk Manager  
ü  Strategist ü  Trader   ü  Other

Who employ CFA Charterholders Globally?

The top ten employers of  CFA candidates and Charterholders worldwide are:

1)       J.P. Morgan
2)       MBOA-Merrill Lynch
3)       HSBC
4)       Price Water House Coopers
5)       UBS
6)       Citigroup
7)       Ernst & Young
8)       KPMG
9)       Barclays
10)   Morgan Stanley

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Who employ CFA Charterholders in Pakistan?

The major CFA program employers in Pakistan are:

ü  Allied Bank
ü  Faysal Bank
ü  United Bank Limited
ü  Arif Habib Limited
ü  Fortune Securities
ü  Meezan Bank
ü  National Bank
ü  Standard Chartered Bank
ü  Fortune Securities
ü  Fundshop
ü  Askari Bank
ü  Bank of Punjab
ü  Bank Alfalah
ü  AKD
ü  Topline Securities

How Recognized is CFA Charter?

There are currently more than 130,000 CFA charterholders working in over 136 countries across the globe.

Regulatory bodies in 19 countries recognize CFA charter proxy to meeting certain licensing requirements.

More than 125 distinguished colleges and universities around the world have incorporated a majority of the CFA Program curriculum into their own course.

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How much salary I can expect after passing CFA Exams?

CFA Program Duration?

The CFA Program consists of three levels. Level-I is offered in June and December each year, whereas Level-II and Level-III are offered in June only.

Thus it take minimum of 2 years to complete CFA program if one appear for CFA Level-I in December and subsequently Level-II in June next year.  In other case, it will take minimum of 3 years to complete CFA Program.  

Is there any time limit for completion of CFA Program?

No there is no time limit for completion of CFA Program or reappearing in a particular Level of CFA Program.

Are CFA Exams held in Pakistan?

Yes, Exams are held each year at Lahore and Karachi in June and December.

What is the CFA Program Exam format?

CFA Level-I:
The CFA Level-I exam consist of 240 MCQ’s broken into two sessions of 3 hours each, based on all 10 topic area.

CFA Level-II:
The CFA Level-II exam consist of 120 MCQ’s broken into 20 case studies in each session.

CFA Level-III:
Morning session: Essay questions ranging from 8 to 12, each with several subparts
Afternoon session: 10 case studies with 6 multiple choice questions each.

What is the passing criteria rate of CFA Program?

A candidate is required to score more than 70% on aggregate basis.

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What is the CFA Pass Rate at Level-I?

The CFA level-I average pass rate in last 2 years is 42% whereas azFinancials pass rate is around 61%.

Does CFA Program offer any exemption?

There are no exemptions in CFA Program.

What are the days and timings of CFA Coaching Classes at azFinancials?

CFA Level-I
Saturdays & Sundays
04:30pm – 07:15pm

CFA Level-II
September Batch:
Saturdays & Sundays
07:30pm – 10:15pm

December Batch:
Mondays & Tuesdays
07:30pm – 10:15pm

11:00am – 03:30pm

What is the Fee Structure?


azFinancials Fee:
CFA Level-I PKR 50,000/-
CFA Level-II PKR 65,000/-
CFA Level-III PKR 75,000/-

Note: A 25% discount is offered to students re-appearing in any level of CFA Program. 

How can I contact azFinancials?

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Office hours: 04:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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