The CFA Program at azFiancials

Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) Program focuses specifically on investment knowledge. The CFA Program curriculum is firmly grounded in the established fundamental knowledge and skills you will use every day in the investment profession. CFA Program is a global graduate level gold standard program that prepares candidates for a very wide and revolving investment profession. CFA program's width and depth ensures fundamental knowledge of global investment principles.

The CFA Program is based on three different levels. Level-I is offered in June and December each year, whereas Level-II and Level-III are offered in June only.

Level I: Deals with basic understanding of various topic areas and usage of investment tools.
Level II: Focuses on in depth application of investment tools and concepts.
Level III: Amalgamate all of the concepts and analytical methods through various effectual portfolio and wealth management applications.

CFA Program at azFinancials